Vegetable Corer
Vegetable Corer
Vegetable Corer

Vegetable Corer

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How often do you cook vegetables and how much time it takes you to remove cores and seeds before cooking?

We know that all in all it's a time-consuming process. Yes yes, the very precious time which you could've spent on doing something else!

Our Vegetable Corer will save you time and nerves! With this tool, you can core pepper, tomatoes and more vegetables in seconds.

Just simply insert the corer, twist and pull to remove seeds and core! See the example below.

This Vegetable Corer includes a small and large size corer for bell peppers, tomatoes, jalapeños and more.

These genius tools make this once difficult, messy and wasteful task simple and fast! The tool is made of durable eco-friendly plastic material.

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